The Great Supply has the capability to pack down any of the products we manufacture. This includes anything from Dish Washing Liquid, Methylated Spirits, and Washing Powder to Pine Gel and Wax Polish.

We are flexible to packing for customers under their own brand name and pack sizes. Our facilities allow us to be able to accommodate a wide range of customer/private brand needs and requirements. We do not solely focus on detergent packing but also cover a broad range of Industrial products such as powders, flammables, solvents, oils and pastes. Some of the pack sizes we are familiar with:

Some of our packaging services include:

  • 200ML PET
  • 500ML PET
  • 750ML PET
  • 2LT PET
  • 5LT PET
  • 25LT
  • 500ML HDPE
  • 1LT HDPE
  • 5LT HDPE
  • 500ML Bucket
  • 1LT Bucket
  • 25LT Bucket

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