Our capability within this division of our business is vast and not only caters for our personal processes but for unique customer requirements. We have various plant and machinery to deal with all tolling needs and pride ourselves in providing solutions to all challenges put on the table. Together with our recently upgraded lab, we can ensure correct testing methods are used and this ensures a high-quality standard when it comes to finished goods.

A brief List can be seen below:

Blending – liquid and solid blending of products

Reworking – reworking of non-conforming products.

Milling – milling of solids to smaller size fractions

Sieving –  sieving of liquids containing solids and solids into different size fractions

Repacking – repacking of solids and liquids into desired pack sizes

Developing and Formulating – designing products to satisfy customer requirements

Heating – ability to heat, control and maintain processes

Cooling – ability to control exothermic reactions

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